This was a very weird choice on Trion's part... I'll put my hands up and clearly state I'm one of those P2W guys. I work long hours, and therefore don't get a huge amount of time to play except for holidays and weekends, and therefore put a bit aside to catch up on the game.
Now Trion have always been quite friendly to people like this. Either they give ways to pay to speed up, like buying Celestial Matrix's, or they give you a grind activity that can either be done every reset or allow you to grind all in one go (i.e. holidays or weekends).
Now Stellar Triggers are very different. Triggers require events. If you relied solely on dailies and 3xRR's this would take you forever. Now events are something you can't speed up, or grind all in one go BUT it's accessible 24/7 unlike lockouts.
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